From the recording bittersweet connection (DEMO)

*let's just say that this one was "based on a true story"...yeah, the heartbreak kid rides again.



There you go off chasing
The shadows in your head
Speeding through the corridors
Down a lane of dread
Is it you and me together
That has you so afraid?
The thought of someone out there
Bound by a thread of fate?

A bittersweet connection
Is all we seemed to have
The path of the less obvious
That you couldn’t travel down
But I’m still here
Waiting for a change of heart
I’m still here
Hoping it doesn’t fall apart
It falls apart

So you sit there in your silence
Sequestered behind your walls
But I’m the only prisoner
Screaming down these halls
Is it really so frightening
To think that I care?
Is it such a moral quandary
When a soul is bared?

Once I, once I
Thought I’d always be alone
Once I, once I
Thought I’d swallow every stone
I’m tired, so tired
Of hiding how I feel
I’m tired, so tired
Of keeping this concealed

A bittersweet connection