<font color = lime> <h2> "lo-fi is chic."</font> </h2> <P>

The full length CD. Released June 2005.

The track list:

1. pinioned
2. unrequited
3. flame and wax
4. reverie
5. will
6. tearing
7. 777


8. senses
9. deal with this in the morning
10. on the brink
11. in your words
12. don't want to be friends
13. scent of you
14. love's brutality

15. reverie (live acoustic)
16. under lock and key (unlisted hidden track)


more about "lo-fi is chic." My FIRST full studio album (that means guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, effects), recorded raw (that means every note was played or sung, no computer enhancements--like ProTools, were used) and full of the proverbial bloodsweatandtears.

The album is divided into two halves--the first half is a collection of eclectic rock songs that deal with the themes of life, death, faith, and desire. The second tells a story of a love won...and lost. Expect loud guitars, thundering beats, emotional lyrics, sweet harmonies, and quiet reflections. 16 tracks of alternativeindiepoprock goodness--written, performed, recorded, and produced by Abe Chang. *There are lots of stereo effects so the album sounds best when you strap on headphones.

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