From the recording settle on disappointment (DEMO)

*pretty self explanatory if ya ask me.



baby, this is over
baby, I am done
every coy reply over the line
telephone receiver, deception time

honey, can we be friends?
my honey...until the end
I deny the time you were with me
peddle in reverse the history

so I'll settle on disappointment
and I'll put it on display
every blessed contradiction
it never gets in the way
I'm entitled to retribution
cause I've tallied up the pain
every broken promise glistens
on every mark of shame

sugar, are we through?
cause sugar, I hate you
if that's clear then steer away from here
suck every poison kiss down with your tears
your crocodile tears

baby, didn't mean a word I said
baby, why don't you come in my bed?
come on over
come on over